Karen by Blast Theory

Karen by Blast Theory. Credit : Ruler

Karen by Blast Theory/NTW

“…I meet with its protagonist, Karen—a sweet, crumpled woman played with pitch-perfect melancholy by actress Claire Cage.” Nora N Khan, Rhizome. 2015

“Karen is an online app that acts as your life coach over a several day programme of psychological profiling, inspirational thoughts,and very blurry boundaries.  But it’s also a fantastic theatrical performance by the immensely skilled Claire Cage…” John McGrath,  NTW blog. 2015


Credit: Leslie Black

Karen, Leviathan Credit: Leslie Black

Leviathan by Matthew Trevannion. (Sherman Cymru/Oran Mor, directed by Rachel O’Riordan.)

“…the play offers three beautiful, haunting performances from Siw Hughes, Claire Cage and Gwawr Loader,”  Joyce McMillan, The Scotsman. 2015

“…the energy projected stings with unexpected power through three faultless performers.” Lindsay Corr, Edinburgh Guide. 2015

“…it is Karen (Claire Cage) who holds the audience’s attention with her powerful portrayal of someone incapacitated by her problem….Cage looks so convincing, even from close-up, that you are drawn to look at her even when the action is focused on the other two actors.” Seth Irwin, British Theatre Guide. 2015


Joan, SPIC. Credit: Simon Gough

Sexual Perversity in Chicago by David Mamet.  (Company- Living Pictures / Cegin Productions, directed by Nora Wardell / Robert Bowman)

“Claire Cage is completely mesmerising as Deborah’s feisty straight-talking friend Joan. She’s not a girl to be messed with. “ Karen Price , Western Mail.  2013

“Joan (Claire Cage) and Bernie are both bitter about the opposite sex and are not afraid to be verbal about it. Quite why they are so damaged is never revealed but both steal the show with their sordid tales or schoolroom mishaps.” Chelsey Gillard, Young Critic’s Review. 2013

“…the individual performances were good – particularly that of Joan, whose blatant sarcasm, brutal honesty and straight-faced frank delivery was the real highlight of the show for me.” Caroline Hodges , Quench Magazine. 2013

I Saw Myself

Ladder, ISM. Credit: Ace McCarron

I Saw Myself by Howard Barker. (Lurking Truth Theatre Company, directed by Richard Lynch.)

“Claire Cage’s performance as Ladder was a highlight… She was exemplary and hauntingly memorable in her attention to textual detail, tenacity of spirit, and physical and vocal and emotional precision “…..” to incandescent effect.” Dr David Ian Rabey. 2012





Sian, AEFTP. Credit: Kisten MCTernan

An Enemy For the People by Gary Owen. (Company – Ruth is Stranger Than Richard, directed by Adele Thomas).

“All three main characters turn in robust performances especially, maybe, Ms Cage, whose portrayal of the young idealist on a sharp learning curve benefits from some excellent timing and neat facial expressions.” David Adams, Theatre in Wales. 2006

“Particular mention goes to Claire Cage, the First Minister’s assistant who arguably has the furthest to travel as a character. Cage’s understated yet powerful performance helped to deliver this play’s political message with aplomb.” Chris Lambert, Theatre in Wales. 2006

“The FM and his attractive political assistant, a beautiful, and cool performance of understated determination from Claire Cage, are discussing security plans for a new Assembly building.” Michael Kelligan,Theatre in Wales. 2006

“Performances, though, are uniformly convincing. Claire Cage’s Sian is imbued with an irony and warmth that make her ultimate betrayal poignant.” Alex Carolan, Theatre in Wales. 2006

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