Acting Tuition

I am offering three different one-to-one hour long classes.  Either online (£35)  or in person (£40).

Class 1: How to create successful self tapes

I am offering a masterclass which will teach you how to create the best self tapes you can.  I will run through your set up, what equipment you already have and any tips for extra items to improve your tapes, (to suit your budget.) We will look at your lighting set up and I will help you get the best out of your taping environment.  Simple changes can make an incredible difference.

We will go through a piece and work on it, breaking it down, and then shoot a self tape.  I will review it and give you feedback as part of the class.

Class 2: I booked the job – now what?

It’s brilliant to be cast (well done you!) but that first job can be extremely daunting. This one off class is everything you ever wanted to know about being on set but were afraid to ask.  Being relaxed means you will give a better performance so this class aims to give you a solid knowledge of how things work before you step foot in your trailer – if you are lucky enough to get one.

This is a safe space for you to ask whatever you want – what to expect from the process once you’ve been booked, from start to finish.  From technical questions about things to remember whilst shooting different takes, to who deals with your transport home. This class aims to take away some of the mystery of arriving on set for the first time.

Class 3: Acting for camera 

Using my experience as an actor in TV, films and commercials, we will work on basic script analysis, finding the emotional truth in a scene, working on how best to communicate that in front of the camera. I will also share my experience of auditioning for TV, film and commercials, and run though scenarios to enable you to feel more confident in your own casting technique.

Class 4: Audition technique

Are you applying to drama school or have an important audition coming up? I can help you choose monologues, prep for first round self tape auditions, Zoom recalls and in-person meetings. We can even tape the audition as part of your session (this applies to in-person sessions only).

If these sound like classes for you then please get in touch with me at [email protected] to book.

I look forward to seeing you.