Claire Cage has recently made the leap into directing having been working as an actor for over twenty-five years.

Two years ago, she was encouraged by a friend and former exec at Tiger Aspect to give directing a go.  Pulling in favours from a hugely experienced team of industry professionals, Claire made Between written by Neil Bebber and loved it.  Since then she has made another short called Sherlock Jones under the It’s My Shout scheme where she was mentored by the brilliant Lisa Edwards.  She was delighted when the film won the People’s Choice Award at the ceremony in Cardiff last September.  Many industry professionals attended, and it was a wonderful seal of approval for everyone involved in the film.

Claire continues to be mentored by award winning Director Philip John (Downton Abbey, Moon Dogs, Cloak & Dagger) and has shadowed him on set and in the edit suite. 

This year, after a call out for scripts on Twitter she was lucky enough to be sent Milo 11, by Nicola Baldwin.  Now with the guidance and expertise of Ian Davies of Initialize Films she is looking to develop it as her first feature film.